Smart City

Forum Virium Helsinki’s Smart City Project Area is involved in the development of digital urban services that make travelling and living in the city easier. The services are used with mobile devices and they are an integral part of their urban environment.

This Project Area focuses especially on ubiquitous technology - technologies that are thoroughly integrated into everyday objects and activities. These services involve real-time traffic information for citizens, among others. Another area within the Smart City Projects is opening of public data. With open access to public data, new and more versatile services are created by individuals and companies.

Smart city services are tested in the Helsinki Metropolitan area as part of people’s every day life. The goal is to keep the area as one of the leading testing environments for digital services.

Helsinki Region Infoshare

At Forum Virium Helsinki, we are progressing at a fast pace towards making public-sector data open and available to all. The aim of the Helsinki Region Infoshare project is to distribute information concerning the Helsinki area in an efficient, straightforward way to all interested parties.

The data that is set for public release in the Helsinki Region Infoshare project relates to, for instance, living conditions, economics, employment and exercise.

Open regional data on the web

In the project, an online service will be implemented to allow users to search and utilize open public-sector data. A beta version of the web service will be launched at the beginning of 2011. Afterwards, the service will be developed further using a user-centric approach based on testing and learning. The target is to have a significant portion of the data for the Helsinki region and its various agencies accessible by 2012.  

The data will be offered for the use of municipal administrations, universities, higher education institutions, research institutes and citizens alike. The data can be exploited freely and without charge.

Ideas for designing Forum Virium Center

According to a study conducted during the project, ICT work is being done in three types of locations: at the office and its immediate surroundings, in private premises and in public places outside them. Work is also being done at the customers’ and different stakeholders’ premises, in public places located along the employees’ walking and transport routes, and in vehicles.