The Open Cities Urban Lab Challenge 2013 calls for solutions to solve identified TOURISM CHALLENGES

The finalists are:

facileStrategy® - The Tourism Monitoring Center
Rudder Technologies
Engaging Cultures Travel

1. Connect Locals And Tourists

The best part of the experience of visiting a new place, is the cultural exchange between the visitor and the local culture. And who can best show you local culture than the locals themselves?? This type of cultural exchange can benefit both parties as they can learn from each other, connect through their cultural differences, exchange language, swap information about history or gastronomy, and experience the real city from a local point of view.

Many visitors seek this type of connection with the locals, lets help them find new ways of doing that!


  • get to know the lesser-known parts of the city.
  • language, history and cultural exchange.
  • dine with locals.
  • join locals in their fun daily activities (join a family with kids to play in the park etc.).

2. Personalize The Vistor'S Experience

Every visitor is unique. They have very different profiles, interests, reasons to visit and each one has their own needs. Personalizing the experience of their visit is a key aspect for making their stay in the city pleasant and successful, which will ensure they become the best city promoter after their stay ends.


  • The city for foodies, joggers, designers, families with 3 kids….
  • The city in 24hrs, 2 days, 3 weeks in…
  • Find experiences “off the beaten path”.
  • Trip documenting, real-time personalized travel journal.

3. Optimizing The Time For Tourist Visit While Minimizing The Impact For Locals

Tired of the long queues at the main touristic attractions? How can we help minimize the time spent waiting to see a city’s beauties rather than actually seeing them? Can we help to distribute better the large tourist flows around the city and unjam its hot spots by offering alternatives?


  • avoid queues.
  • help deal with tourist bus flow (parking, moving around…).
  • de-centralize tourist flows, offer alternatives to other city neighborhoods.

4. How To Best Get Around As A Tourist

New to the city? OK, having a map of the metro and a ticket can get you practically anywhere but is that the best way to see a city? Learn how to use public transport or other alternatives (i.e. by bike or on foot) to move around and get the most out of the city you’re visiting.


  • Plan your day of visits with public transport /on foot.
  • Bike lanes, routes, tips….
  • Where/how to ditch your car/motorhome/bus and use public transport



The winner of the Urban Lab Challenge will:

  • Get the chance to win 3.000€ cash prize!
  • Get assessment and get introduced to the relevant policy makers to foster the implementation of the winning solution
  • Profit from the publicity of the Project through the various media communications at the Smart City Expo 2013 in Barcelona
  • Make a real impact in the lives of Millions of people around Europe


8.05.2013 Challenge kick-off
15.9.2013 Deadline for project submissions
Oct. 2013 Selection of 3 finalists
Nov. 2013 Winner presentation during the Smart City Expo 2013, in Barcelona