Institut Telecom

Institut Telecom

The Institut Telecom is made up of “Grandes Ecoles” (prestigious French higher education establishments) in
the field of information and communication technology (ICT): Telecom ParisTech, Telecom Bretagne, Telecom
SudParis, Telecom Business School, along with two establishments created in partnership with universities
and businesses: Telecom Lille 1 and EURECOM, and since 2008, 3 associate schools : Telecom Saint-
Etienne, ENSPS (Strasbourg), ENSEIRB-MATMECA (Bordeaux).
The Institut Telecom is under the authority of the French Ministry of Industry. Its mission is to provide education programs for engineers and managers, and to conduct research in ICT. The Institut Telecom’s mission is also to contribute to the industrial development of ICT through the utilization of science and technology and development research carried out in close collaboration with industry.

The Institut Telecom features around 615 teaching and research staff and a number of 5550 students, including 800 doctoral students. A total of 50 nationalities are represented within the Institut Telecom.

The Institut Telecom and his subsidiary EURECOM are among the first institutes which received the French Carnot label for the quality of its cooperation with partners, business and local authorities.

With the competitiveness clusters created in France in 2005, the Institut Telecom has stepped up its regional partnership efforts with major corporations, SMEs and university laboratories: it is a partner to several competitiveness hubs as System@TIC, Cap Digital Paris Region, Images & networks, Secured
Communicating Solutions…

Since 2000, the Institut Telecom has developed a strong network of PME’s with 400 start-up created in its incubators.

Its research teams cover a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from fundamental technologies, information processing, networks, computing and software to the economic, social, and legal aspects, industrial strategies and new services and usages. This expertise allows research programs to be conducted in the fields of mobile, satellite and optical communications, access networks, multimedia, business communications and the Internet.

The Institut Telecom is one of the major French players of the European R&D Framework Programme (FP) in ICT (Information & Communication Technologies). It has participated in more than 40 FP6/IST projects. In December 2009, the Institut Telecom is involved in 20 FP7 ICT projects.

Role in the project:

Institut Telecom is the leader of work package 5 (Open Platform for High Speed Broadband Services).