Economic Affairs - City of Amsterdam

Economic Affairs (EZ) of the Municipality of Amsterdam (with 56 employees) is representing the interests of local companies, newcomer investors, the labor market and is committed to stimulate economic growths in a competitive business environment.

The ambition of the organization is to make possible that Amsterdam is belonging to the 5 top (most attractive)
business metropolitan locations in Europe.

How to realize this ambition? EZ has chosen 4 main activities and these activities give focus to all activities EZ currently undertakes.

1. To support Talent. To develop the sufficient supply of ‘’talent’’, to foster a labour market of highly educated human capital . Enlarge the share of higer educated personel, and reduce the share of unexploited talent.

2. Connection. To belong to the top 3 best ‘’connected cities’’ in Europe. To make a use of innovative techniques to be perfectly connected city in terms of physical connections (hub) but also in terms of virtual connections (wi-fi, fiber. Open Networks).

3. Knowledge based clusters. To attract high potential talent en enhance knowledge based sectors sucht as life sciences, research.

4. To stimulate the growth of entrepreneurship at least at comparable level of competitor European cities.

EZ aims to make all companies feel welcome and at home in Amsterdam. A further goal is ensuring excellent opportunities for starting and growing companies - whether national or international in focus - to set up business in the city. That’s why EZ focuses on helping existing businesses to grow, as well as on attracting companies from outside Amsterdam. In this way, the city benefits from increased employment opportunities, and EZ contributes to building a sustainable urban society.

Besides research and policy development, EZ carries out a number of functions of great importance for companies in the Amsterdam region: it brings in foreign companies, supports Dutch companies in finding business locations, and nurtures established businesses so that they can expand and develop.

Foreign companies wanting to set up business in Amsterdam can contact Amsterdam inbusiness via the English-language website:

Currently EZ is elaborating a knowledge en innovation agenda for the this City of Amsterdam. This will give a concrete guidance which projects should be launched.

Focus in the innovation agenda:


-ICT , open networks, open innovation

-"Triple Helix" collaboration between governmental organizations, SME’s and higher education.

Relevant previous experience

      • Participation in REDICT (2007-2009) EU project

      • Participation in Creative Metropoles (2008-2010) EU project

Role in the project:

Amsterdam is the leader of work package 3 (Crowdsourcing).