Forum Virium

Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki develops new digital services in collaboration with companies, the City of Helsinki and other public sector organizations. Helsinki residents participate in the development and testing of these services. The aim is to create better services and new business, plus to open up contacts for international markets.

Founded in 2005, Forum Virium Helsinki is owned by the City of Helsinki. Originally, it was brought to life by a group of companies and today has around 20 member organizations. The members are from public and private sector, ranging from important research centers to major international companies like Nokia and IBM. A variety of small- and medium-sized enterprises also take part in project activities.

International and national development projects

Forum Virium Helsinki’s core activity is to manage development projects. They focus on the themes of Wellbeing, Media, Smart City, Environment and Energy, Innovative Public Procurement, SME Services and Innovative Communities. Innovation Communities support all activities with user-based innovation processes, tools and methods, such as Living Labs.

Forum Virium Helsinki participates in several international and national projects, especially in the Living Lab domain. It is a founding member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), CEO Jarmo Eskelinen acting as the Vice Chair (Communications) of the network. In the Smart Cities focus area, the main projects are CIP-funded CitySDK, Helsinki Region Infoshare and ITEA2-funded Smart Urban Spaces.

Key priority: Open data

Open Data is a key priority in Forum Virium Helsinki’s project portfolio. Helsinki Region Infoshare is a project that opens up information regarding the Helsinki area quickly and easily accessible to all. The project includes four major cities of the Helsinki region, and their open data sources are made available at

Forum Virium Helsinki is also the co-organizer of the Finnish open data challenge Apps4Finland. The contest inspires developers to create new applications and visualizations based on the public administration’s open data sources. Since its launch in 2009, Apps4Finland has grown rapidly both in size and impact.

Role in the project:

Forum Virium is involved in work packages 3, 4 and 7.