Dot Open

Dot Open

dotopen is an open innovation based company, based in Barcelona, that started its operations in 2007 by helping large telecom operators and vendors in the discovery and collaboration with mobile start ups and also consulting entrepreneurs on how to develop and grow their business by gaining visibility and relationships with potential partners and investors. Dotopen has also consulted public administrations on building the mobile/web ecosystem through open innovation practices and initiatives.

dotopen is also well known for organizing local and international events around innovation in mobile/web:

MobileMonday Madrid, MobileMonday Barcelona, Mobile Premier Awards, Mobile 2.0 Europe and others. In this area, dotopen's latest initiative is a traveling showcase for apps called AppCircus (, enabling developers to present their innovative apps on international mobile/web events for free and with the support of the industry.

dotopen's technology platform is a global online network of organizations built around the concept of open innovation.

Free of cost and open to any form of organization, dotopen offers a trustful B2B environment for finding clients, suppliers and partners. To become a member, organization set up a profile on dotopen describing their activity and indicating what they are looking for. To enrich their dotopen profiles, organizations can add media as well as projects and applications. was launched in 2009 as a self-funded initiative and currently has over 2000 registered members mainly from the technology and adjacent industries. Organizations range from start-ups and individual developers to established companies, professional associations, media and educational institutions.
Geographically, current member distribution is 60% European, 25% American and 10% Asian.

dotopen's innovation lies in a new approach to professional collaboration across different organizations and industry. The platform uses established and open web 2.0 standards and aims to become the platform for partner discovery and open innovation initiatives.

Role in the project:

Dotopen is involved in work packages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and  7.