The three finalists of the Urban Lab Challenge are the following:

facileStrategy® - The Tourism Monitoring Center (from Rudder Technologies)

Rudder’s solution is a demonstration of how the tourist promotion of a destination can be made better and more effective, when it is completely aligned with the policies, planning activities, and tourism management of the destination. It is a solution that is centered on five pillars: Management; Planning;Promotion; facileguides® Promotion Channels; facileguides® API.

And the finalists are:

Tales & Tours

Roeland P.

Onfan Food

Ignacio Calvís castelló

ZTL Alert


GuideMeUp OpenCities

Angel Casquero

Take a Hike!

Ohyoon Kwon

Spot in Helsinki/Spot in Lisbon

Spot in Helsinki Spot in Helsinki


Miguel Muñoz Sanchez Matas



The Open Data Tourism Hack-at-Home aims to create apps to help cities manage the challenges of tourism. 

Open Cities has just launched a new call-out to take part in the Open Data Tourism Hack at Home challenge, a project focused on encouraging the creation of mobile apps to help cities to better manage the challenges and benefits of tourism. 

AppCircus has launched the Sanitation App Challenge: a powerful initiative driven by the World Bank, which is bringing together app makers from around the world to build app-based solutions to help communities improve local sanitation issues.

For more information:


BlindSquare is an augmented reality GPS application for the blind.

BlindSquare makes you sense what's around. You only need to be a good listener. It obtains information about the surrounding environment from FourSquare and Open Street Maps. It’s algorithms enable it to determine the most relevant information, and then voice it out using high quality speech synthesis. For example, “What's the most popular café within 200 meters radius?”