Today Berlin is one of the most vibrant locations for creative industries, ICT and media technologies in Europe. The companies profit from the high density of scientific and research institutions, a large and highly skilled work force, effective production conditions and many more.

Berlin is the first city in Germany that has opened and published public data. Since autumn 2011 there are several open data sets published and a number of applications has been developed that base on those data. Open Data is seen in Berlin under two aspects:

  • first it is as a promising instrument not only to increase transparency and thereby the understanding of the citizens about public administration processes. Open Data answers the citizens’ demands for open governance and administration and supports civic participation.
  • secondly Open Data is seen as a high potential impulse to foster the development of new innovative services and products.  Those new applications do not only improve the citizens’ urban life but also strengthen the economic power and competitiveness of local creative industries and other branches.

By participating in the Open Cities Paneuropean Challenges Berlin aims to widen the awareness and support for Open Data, for new innovative products and services and for the potential of Open Data for the development of new innovations.

Berlin participates in the Open Data and Crowdsourcing for Developers Challenges.

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